The world’s first healthcare metaverse from DeHealth

26 Dec, 2021
02:39 min read

A British non-profit organization, DeHealth, is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The company announced the start of the creation of a Decentralized Metaverse, which will take millions of doctors and patients to a new world where they can work, interact with each other in full 3D format and earn virtual assets by selling their anonymized medical data.

The HLT token will become the main mean of settlement within the ecosystem that will power it from the inside.

The DeHealth Metaverse will be an extension of the VR, AR, and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies we use today. It will allow several participants, for instance, a doctor and a patient, to communicate via one virtual space, assimilating the real-world situation. Users can interact and virtual 3D models from physically different locations.

DeHealth is a company that already has a successful web platform for doctors and creates an open market for medical data. On the other hand, in the metaverse, the data and analysis of large transactions play a huge role.

Most of the metaverse concepts swirl around the idea of the places, where a person buys things that do not exist and interacts with them.

Although they do not exist in reality, they still need to be associated with real wealth and human identity in the DeHealth metaverse.

The user’s ability to transfer their digital identity (avatar), including all medical data collected through other digital platforms, into the new virtual world without problems will be critical to the success of the DeHealth metaverse.

Anna Bondarenko, the Co-Founder DeHealth commented: “Our goal is to provide people with the most advanced technologies to preserve their health so that every person in the world, regardless of the place of residence, social status, and financial capabilities, can control their health and life. The future of healthcare lies not in treatment but the prevention of diseases. Our AI will notice the slightest deviations from the human norm and warn about it. Thanks to HLT, each person in the metaverse can sell their impersonal medical information with their own hands. The metaverse will inevitably redefine how we heal and interact with the world.”

Denys Tsvaig, the Co-Founder of DeHealth, commented: “To implement our metaverse, we will use a new technological stack: the Hospital OS digital platform, the blockchain network (cryptoeconomics of the HLT Network), fundamentally different AR / VR devices, electronic clothing, 5G communication networks, quantum computing & communications, cybersecurity, data storage chips using synthetic biology and so much more. The metaverse may require a new programming model that resembles a living and open developing platform, where millions of users seamlessly move from one world to another using the avatar of themselves.”

Testing of the metaverse will take place in a virtual copy of one of the European clinics.

The DeHealth metaverse will be supported by a wide range of devices — from smartphones and PCs to mixed types of headsets.

Holders of HTL tokens will become the first investors and leaders of the new trend in healthcare.

A preliminary version of the metaverse will be available in late 2022. It will open up access to 3 million Hospital OS users, DeHealth said.

Link to Yahoo!Finance post: The world's first healthcare metaverse from DeHealth

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