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AI-based mobile app with a healthcare record, marketplace of health products, payment system and personal health assistant that provides universal and secure access to healthcare for millions of people, helping them stay healthy and improving treatment.

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Our mission

Billions of people live on and belong to our Mother Earth. We all share the same air, water, food and natural resources. As the citizens of Earth, each of us has equal rights of access to medical and financial services. Our mission is to help people regain control over their health and to ensure their access to the global digital world at providing the equal rights to privacy, security and full control over their identity and personal health data

DeHealth Key Benefits


Automation instead of intermediaries.


Data immutability thanks to blockchainResistance to cyber attacks




Interoperability for fast data exchange.
No geographical limits

User-friendly App

Across all platforms Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
Automation instead of intermediaries
Data immutability thanks to blockchain and
Resistance to cyber attacks.
Data immutability thanks to blockchain and
Resistance to cyber attacks.
Decentralization and self-government
Ecosystem control is evenly distributed
between many authorized players
Fast data exchange between eHealth, Gov, various software
DeHealth services are managed by smart contracts and voting
Data immutability thanks to blockchain and
Resistance to cyber attacks.
Crypto & fiat
Data immutability thanks to blockchain and
Resistance to cyber attacks.
Ecosystem control is evenly distributed
between many authorized players
Convenience, easy to use etc
Cross-platform App
Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

The DeHealth for all

Improve the healthcare system and help us bring the access to high-quality healthcare to all. Take control over your personal data and health:
-сreate a secure medical record,
-get control over your data,
-start your personal health insurance fund,
-get access to high-quality and affordable healthcare.

Secure login

Universal key to all services.
Get fast-track access to all services without limitationsStore your data in a secure way in a decentralized encrypted DeHealth system executed by smart contracts

Payment system

Pay for medical goods and get bonuses.
Take full advantage of your funds and manage digital assets  at one place Participate in funding and promos and get information, tokens, assets, and bonusesStore your coins on a secure decentralized platform where payments are executed with smart contracts

Decentralized HealthCare

Manage your health on the go. Anytime. Anywhere.
Use software and services aimed at diagnostics, health monitoring and treatment of the body.Get Free access to medical goods and services provided by businesses and organizations around the world.Tokenize and monetize your personal data, as corporations will no longer be able to use it without the express permission of the user.


Any medical service in a single window.
Patients get access to the wide range of healthcare services and products presented in the DeHealth digital ecosystem. Businesses (pharma, doctors, pharmacies, etc.) use the DeHealth ecosystem to fully transition to the digital space, improve business growth and efficiency, store and manage assets, trade in medical goods and services, and improve their image.

Medical Record

Create your own health oasis.
Store, manage, protect and monetize your personal health data. Get instant access to all services provided by governments, businesses, organizations and various online platforms on your terms

Whoever saves one life saves the world entire

Literally 2 years ago, I got sick with one of the types of malaria that I received while traveling. The treatment went well, as I was treated by the best specialists I could find in my region. And just recently I had an incident that I could not even think of. I felt bad and needed prompt help. As it turned out later, I had a relapse ... No one knew what was happening to me, the doctors did not know how to help me, and if it were not for the system, which is now called DeHealth, I would have died. It happened suddenly, on the street, the ambulance team and the doctors in the hospital did not know how to help me promptly .. I could not say anything...
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The problems we solve

Half of the world's population is deprived of the opportunity to receive high-quality and affordable medical care (United Nations report, 2020)
Patients receive medical care of low quality, due to the lack of an effective mechanisms for monitoring and developing the healthcare industry
Lack of a unified system for reliable and secure exchange of medical information that often leads to errors and delays in treatment, and may even cost people’s lives
Medical data is concentrated in the hands of large organizations while patients assume opportunity costs and have no compensations for their contributions to data bank
Patients have no control over their medical personal data, and this sensitive medical data is stored centrally being vulnerable for hackers attacks on a daily basis
Decreased trust in the health care and insurance systems due to low efficiency, non-transparency of the whole industry and current practices

Executive Team

A strong team that has already created a successful company in the healthcare industry DeHealth LLC that serves 2 million patients and over 30 000 doctors.
Talents driven by one vision!

Denys Tsvaig

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder DeHealth.
Tel Aviv, Israel
President of the National Cybersecurity Association of Ukraine. 13+ years of global experience in the IT industry, in the business architecture of software platforms and products. Scientist, technology entrepreneur, thinker and methodologist.
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Anna Bondarenko

Managing Partner and Co-Founder DeHealth.
Kyiv, Ukraine
President of the international "eHealth" consortium. Owner DeHealth LLC (2M patients and 30,000 doctors). She has brought together the best eHealth experts and over 15 million patients.
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Myron B. Rabij

Chief Legal Officer
New York, USA
Myron, the former seasoned Partner of Dentons, McCarter & English, LLP and others., has set up his own legal practice in New York City, RABIJ Law and Consulting.
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Dmitry V. Sokolov

Chief Knowledge Officer
Palmerston North, New Zealand
PhD Phys, MEng, MPA. Organisational Development: theory of Collective Subject, P2P Collective Intelligence methods and techniques, development and support for the Long-Term Organisational Memory‍.
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Volodymyr Tylnyi, MBA

Investor Relations
New York, USA
Volodymyr is a seasoned professional in investment banking and corporate finance. Throughout of his career on Wall Street, Volodymyr has focused on capital raising, M&A, and other types of financial advisory. Volodymyr earned his MBA degree from Cornell University
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Yevgen Shagov, MD, PhD in Medicine

Anti-age Specialist at DeHealth
Kyiv, Ukraine
Holder of two international patents in the field of biotechnology. CEO of the SHGV Clinic for Age Management, Head of the Supervisory Board of Sandler Wellness & Aesthetics, Founder of the first age management clinic in Eastern Europe, ReFuture Clinic.
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The Pilot Project

The pilot project aims to create a robust infrastructure for further sustainable development of the DeHealth ecosystem:
fundamental algorithms and methods for creating the environment of a healthy person, trustful communication, secure transactions, mobile application.
An easy-to-use interface allows patients and medical services to start seeing benefits of the decentralized system
from the early stages.

Saving Lives with Data!
Payment network
Patient record
Mobile app

Global Health Methodologies & AI
Clinics, goods and services
Blockchain database


The DeHealth system saved a person's life. The original story.
For families like the Kuvaitsev family, access to DeHealth technologies means health and hope. This is an inspiring story about how we saved a person's life. Now more than ever, access to effective health technologies and practices is critical to the health and happiness of families around the world. That is why we strive to continue our work to empower people, especially those living in poverty.
February 21, 2021
Investments in Digital Health in the US grew 91% and globally 45% in 2020.
2020’s stress test to our healthcare system created what felt like a fast forward button for digital health, with unprecedented growth in funding, adoption, policymaking, and national attention. Venture capital dollars flowed to US digital health companies at a new all-time high, with over $14B invested across 440 deals. 2020 also represented a thematic shift in liquidity for digital health venture investors, with upswings in both IPO and M&A activity.
February 21, 2021
Drugmakers get hooked on data.
Pharma groups hope troves of patient records hold key to faster cures and bigger profits
February 21, 2021
Rethinking the Future of Global Health.
There can be no better time to reimagine our health security based on global cooperation, equity, trust, and solidarity
March 26, 2021
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Decentralized system for ensuring human healthcare and global medical payment network

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