The benefits of DHLT tokens to the world and ordinary people.

2 May, 2022
04:23 min read


It’s no longer news that the world is gradually shifting towards decentralization. Decentralization has been making grounds in finance, trading, gaming, socializing, health care systems, and more. The dream of having a world where data is easily accessible, processed in microseconds, powered by AIs, and controlled by the masses is steadily getting realized. A company that has its grounds firmly established in healthcare provision in the decentralized ecosystem is DeHealth. It combines the most evolving tools to create a better health care system- crypto, decentralization, and AI. It took its position to a better level with the creation of the DHLT token. This article gives a clear insight into why you should have this token to save your lives and fill your bank accounts.


As aforementioned, DHLT token is a native coin that allows users to monetise their medical assets (from data and to activities), thereby motivating them to engage in health as a new and quality lifestyle.. DHLT is an acronym for “Decentralized Health Token”. While in-depth, It’s a decentralized currency that aids better health care systems and gives an earning right to citizens. It was so different from the pools of tokens in marketplaces that it sold out in less than 2 hours of its launch on Pancakeswap. Simply put, DHLT token is a medium of payment in the DeHealth ecosystem. It enables you to buy or receive data from the DeHealth network and access world-class health technologies. It also secures your digital history as a valuable asset and gives you the earnings right through your medical records. Thus, by promoting web 3.0 principles, the DHLT Network gives users more control over their medical data, their privacy and the flexibility of payment mechanisms.


DeHealth was not established to fit in the norms but rather to cater to health care lapses and to advance healthcare systems. If DeHealth is likened to a house, then it's safe to say DHLT tokens are the keys to unlocking the unlimited benefits that DeHealth is offering. The use of DHLT tokens are health and investment-related, you would be assessing advanced health care systems and still be earning simultaneously, who says you can’t eat your cake and have it, With the DHLT tokens, you eat your cake and have it through its numerous benefits which include:

  • Fast Access to world-class health technologies; The most prioritized care should be given to health, every time and all the time. With the DHLT token, you would be able to get diagnosis and treatments from certified experts while in your comfort zone. This saves you the stress of searching for specialists around you since you would be connected instantly to one. It gives you better attention than you’d get through the conventional health care system. An DHLT token in the wallet keeps your health better, secured, and insured.
  • Earn on-the-go with your medical history:  DeHealth uses a transparent system to amass medical records of citizens without taking away the right to earn from it away from them. Individuals are rewarded for their history in the ecosystem. Though the system's end goal is securing everyone’s details for the benefit of the owners, it tops it yet again by giving earning rights to the owners. You must be thinking of where to get some DHLT tokens already, because who wouldn’t? Relax, this article would cover that in a bit.
  • A safe place for your medical history: Your medical history is an invaluable asset and as such should be secured in an easily accessible database. This is because it speaks for you and gives all the details needed to secure your lives in serious and less serious cases. The pandemic that shook the world recently revealed lots of defects in the healthcare systems. The world was in total disarray and the healthcare sectors were thrown into pandemonium. DeHealth ecosystems and AIs aren’t ones to be disorganized by a pandemic, no matter how disrupted the world seems, your history is secured and easily accessed through the use of DHLT tokens.
  • Access to the medical records for health personnel: The benefit of DHLT tokens for medical records assessment is not limited to ordinary people; it is of huge importance to healthcare facilities and conventional healthcare centers. The DHLT tokens give access to the DeHealth medical databases for better performance. It can be said to be the backup data bank for the conventional health care systems.


DHLT tokens can be bought from exchange platforms such as Pancakeswap (soon it will be possible to buy a token on large centralized exchanges). Other ways of possessing DHLT tokens are giveaways in different dimensions from DeHealth. This includes;

  • Giveaway as a reward for following the treatment process on the ecosystem
  • Through validation of your medical data
  • Giveaway for participation in a loyalty Program
  • As gifts from DeHealth foundation


The DHLT tokens are safe possessions and  rational investments for anyone. Its uses and possibilities keep evolving by the day. Its significance grows with the growth in the blockchain ecosystem whose future possibilities have been found to be limitless. Possessing some of these tokens as an early adopter would be a wise decision for anyone.

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