Introducing DeHealth

2 Dec, 2021
04:19 min read

Decentralized HealthCare

What is DeHealth?

DeHealth is an AI-based mobile app with a healthcare record, marketplace of health products , payment system and personal health assistant that provides universal and secure access to healthcare for millions of people, helping them stay healthy and improving treatment.

This goal is supported by the community of doctors and scientists.To achieve it, we are engaged in scientific research and development of blockchain technology to ensure the immutability of medical data and tokenize it. Also, we use artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

To support and incentivise our community, we launched our own token — DeHealth Token. It does not harm the environment, users mine it when they lead a healthy lifestyle, fill out a personal health card with medical analysis, fitness tracker data, follow the doctor’s recommendations.

DeHealth Token is a utility token designed to provide more than 3 billion people with access to advanced healthcare technology and medication, as well as to quickly monetize their own medical data.


Half of the world’s population is deprived of access to quality, affordable health care (UN report, large market of health products)

Health data is the most valuable asset, as it is the key to human life itself, and today this asset is managed by large corporations.

More than 60% of smartphone users collect health information on their phones. Health data is a valuable asset for both individuals and stakeholders in medicine, insurance, sports, health and wellness. However, users generating this data cannot efficiently aggregate, share and monetize it.

With the advent of the Internet humans have gained access to almost every cultural achievement of humankind, the invention of Bitcoin has sparked a wave of financial innovations and DeHealth could lead to a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry and help create more reliable, transparent and efficient infrastructure to preserve the health of billions of people.

DeHealth App (Ecosystem)

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can make the world safer and more independent, and the healthcare system more efficient and more accessible.

The DeHealth wallet that is integrated into our mobile application will become the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet for health and safety.

We aim to create an ecosystem based on user-controlled health data, financial and well-being data, allowing the exchange of value through DeHealth tokens.

We are committed to creating the world’s best AI for healthcare. We create a powerful and user-friendly API, as well as a super application in the field of health which is the DeHealth interface. We create an identity management and secure data access system.

DeHealth business model

The DeHealth App monetization model today includes the following main components:

1. Subscription for users (most of the functionality is free)

1.1. Business subscription for doctors and clinics (the bulk of the functionality is free)

2. Revenues from the marketplace of health care products and services

3. DeHealth payment system fees

4. Fees for the sale of medical data by users

DeHealth App subscription or fees payments can also be done in DeHealth Token.


Utility token

In addition to payments for health care products and services offered by sellers on the marketplace and accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method for a subscription service, our tokens will be used as:

  1. Fee paid to cryptocurrency nodes (“validators”) for processing transactions and smart contracts;
  2. Payment to validators for verifying transactions and generating new blocks and coins;
  3. Receiving a reward for being active in the loyalty program;
  4. Receiving a reward for filling a health card with health data (for example, users through engaging in a healthy lifestyle “mine” cryptocurrency and this does not harm the environment).

Users can sell their tokenized anonymous data (such as medical history) by transferring it to the client (such as an insurance company or a pharmaceutical company conducting clinical trials) as NFT tokens that provide medical information about a specific disease or generally on a health card. The more users in the system, the more data and new tokens. The user here is an independent “emission center”.

You can also pay for a subscription to the application with cryptocurrency, buy goods and services for health on the marketplace on the most favorable terms.

Token holders are data validators. It works like PoS — you need to hold a certain amount of coins in order to qualify for staking rewards.

Key takeaways

✅ Deploying DeHealth new digital tools and services has to help consumers track and monitor their health.

✅ Health Data is a valuable asset — digital gold that users must own and control.

✅ Our NFT marketplace allows users to tokenize content, convert it to NFTs and list it for sale.

✅ Low-income families use the DeHealth token to gain access to medicines and additional sources of income.

✅ Users can earn DeHealth tokens for creating content and engagement in the ecosystem.

✅ Boost your health and monetize it efficiently using DeHealth token.

We create an environment where everyone can maintain their health, have access to the best international technologies and medicines, control their entire medical history and receive rewards for a healthy lifestyle and activity. “DeHealth” founders — Denys Tsvaig 💙 Anna Bondarenko.

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