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24 Jun, 2022
06:58 min read

Health is of first-degree importance and requires first degree attention. There have been lots of mishaps in the healthcare industry from missing records to accidental death, staff shortage and more which eventually lead to avoidable death. The cost of accessing first class health care is gradually going above what the lower classes of the society find affordable. These and more are the reasons decentralization in healthcare has become a necessity. It’s a system that values life better than the conventional systems and has shown to yield better life expectancy results through improved health care life quality. This article explains the concept of decentralized healthcare and highlights its benefits.


A decentralized healthcare is a system where everyone in the society paddles the affairs of their health themselves. The foundation of decentralization in health care lies majorly on the use, process and storage of data. It majors on recapturing data and including everyone left out by the centralized system. It gives better health care support and remuneration. It handles data and stakeholders better than the centralized health care system. This is achieved through the following features:

Immutable, Accessible and Rewardable Data Records

Data is half of the entire health care solution. If the problem of lost and inaccessible records can be solved, accidental deaths will likely reduce by 40–50%. As of present, there’s no universal solution to storing and accessing patients’ data any and everywhere except through the blockchain ecosystem. With blockchain, patients’ records are immutably stored and can be accessed anywhere. This would come in handy most especially for critical patients who are unable to describe themselves or talk about their medical history. It would also reduce the stress of registering data in every health care center as a new patient. Treatment time would as well be speed up since the medical personnel wouldn’t need to delay treatment to gather or ask for patients’ medical records (which sometimes worsen the condition of the patient). The better part of this is the individuals’ exclusive right to their data. It clears off crumbs of people’s data on every health care server. This apparently creates scarcity of your data and gives people the access to monetize their data however they want. This system eradicates the use of anyone’s data against their will or consent. It gives privacy and in fact permits anonymity of everyone’s data.


Speed is another notable way by which decentralization affects healthcare. Time is invaluable especially in healthcare where lives are lost and saved within seconds. The blockchain technology through decentralization impacts the health care on speed in two dimensions. It facilitates faster attendance to patients and this is done through fast access to patient records.


DeHealth is a guide: everyone’s compass to a decentralized and better healthcare. It is a decentralized platform with a mission to eliminate inequality in healthcare. It recaptures data and provides a safe and immutable storage for them. It grants the access to everyone to be actively involved in whatever their data is being used for. Currently over 3 million patient’s records are saved on its database and more than 4 million appointments took place in the DeHealth App. It largely branches into Sub-sections, each of which is user centric and aids decentralization of the platform.

DHLT Network

This facilitates smooth running of the depositories and eliminates intermediaries In the use, storage and management of med data. The DHLT network captures, structures and saves every personal data. This is done on a secured binance chain protocol and enables high Privacy and security of data while anonymizing users simultaneously. It secures records on use and management of med data and facilitates fast and smooth transactions. The transaction on the DHLT network is through the native token called “DHLT

The DHLT Token

This is a native token of the DeHealth ecosystem. It’s used as a medium for transaction on the systems and for rewards. Every benefits of DeHealth ecosystem could be tapped with the use of DHLT token. Its equally the accepted payment means for Assessment of data on the DHLT network. It could be possessed through any of the means written here. It’s an evergreen valuable asset that could be held and traded as wish. Another spectacular Unit of DeHealth is the DeHealth AI.

DeHealth AI

This is a self learning tool that would take health care management to a better level. The DeHealth AI would be able to prevent, manage and prescribe health solutions to DeHealth users. It would save the time, stress and cost implications of visiting health care centres for health management. What’s much better is that it gives preventive measures before the health standard of a user reduces. It would be yet again one of the fore-front health care instrument of decades to come

DeHealth wallet

The DeHealth Wallet is the digital payment card on the DeHealth Network for the Assessment of any and every service on the platform. It’s the safe place to keep your DHLT token.


DeHealth is on a quest to reward and actively involve anyone who gives, contributes and receives medcare support (virtually everyone regardless of status, age, occupation and others) through decentralization. It works by recapturing and democratizing data for everyone. It breaks the barrier to access this through a user-centric website and easy to use mobile app.

Philippe Gerwill, a digitalization humanist futurist and innovation KOL with 30 years’ experience in specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industry at Novartis, Lonza and Ciba shared his Opinion on DeHealth:

“We all know that we have already embarked on a data economy journey but most of the time without us having access or real control over our own data. DeHealth is not only aiming to hand over that control back to the key players in the healthcare data space which is indeed one of the most critical ones but it is also at the same time engaging a whole ecosystem including doctors, hospitals, pharma companies and of course patients to only name a few”.

He addresses DeHealth’s broad range and uniqueness among competitors saying:

“There are already quite some competitions in the area that DeHealth is targeting and some more would come for sure in the future, but I think there is still enough space for multiple players and not everybody is actually targeting the broader scope that DeHealth is already addressing. Additionally, I would like to also mention the importance of local languages. While English might be sufficient in a B2B environment, local languages would be quickly required when you enter the B2C and talk to consumers/patients”.

The DeHealth network takes the bull by the horns by involving every human in the active use of their personal medical data. This permits monetization of your personal data however you wish. The decentralization of your personalized data through this network gives you the exclusive right to every medical data you possess and you have the freedom of earning from it over and over again. DeHealth’s network accessibility in different languages is an attempt to break off every barrier in communication. It aids ordinary people to have direct access to the benefits the platform engraves.

It equally uses its data storage for communal benefits through uses of data for inventions, cures, and research that generally improves health care. It eliminates data fragments and creates a unique authentic data source. It bridges the gap of social inequality through the provision of great health care services. It connects its users with world class medical personnel who otherwise might have not been accessible conventionally. This is just a peek into lots that decentralized healthcare has in store. However, the most important point to note is to be actively involved. DeHealth is on a mission to bank the unbanked, fix healthcare loopholes, actively involve everyone in the economy and incentivize them fairly for their contribution.

Things that matters

Decentralization in healthcare holds lots of better prospects for the ordinary citizen. Through the DeHealth network, It gives the freedom to get actively involved in the use, process and security of every individual’s data. It equally incentivises everyone for actively participating in this and gives them the exclusive right on what they share and use of their data.

Decentralized health care systems seem promising with increased longevity, better life quality and richer bank accounts.

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