While others destroy the world, DeHealth builds it up

16 Aug, 2022
05:12 min read

Nowadays I feel like a boat in a powerful ocean storm, trying to follow its course no matter what.

Everything around us continues to collapse. From the fall of the stock exchange and cryptocurrency markets to wars and a massive depression. Something serious is happening in the world and our attention is being diverted away from something really important. I deal with cybersecurity, which is also a cyberweapon, and I have a lot to say on this subject, but at a different place and time.

Our DeHealth ship continues to stay on course for what is important to us, that is, to make healthcare more efficient by building a WEB3 platform for medical data, to provide equal access to medicine for all people, regardless of country and income level.

While others are destroying the world, we are trying to build it up.

We are actively growing and are in constant search of resources. One new innovation is our setting up a sales department to be able to handle more enquiries from potential buyers of medical data, the demand for which is growing rapidly, and to increase our amount of customers. Other departments are also expanding in staff to stay abreast of the pace of events that are taking place and to be prepared for what lies ahead.

New partnerships
Two months ago, the folks at Chainlink, the largest provider of decentralised oracles in the crypto industry, contacted me on LinkedIn. They offered us, as pioneers of the MedFi trend, to be the first to launch such a project in the Chainlink ecosystem. After the negotiation stage and all the legal formalities, we concluded a cooperation agreement and are now carrying out the technical integration.

Together we are going to set up a safe, trustworthy and scalable DeHealth dApp and decentralized data storage DHLT Network.

Another strategic partner for DeHealth has become BitMart, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges. Soon you will be able to buy DeHealth native coin, DHLT, on this CEX.

And this is just the beginning of a series of joint projects. Moreover, we are at a stage of negotiations or soft commitments with a few funds and Family offices, including Delta Fund, ISU tech, Multicoin, Polychain, CLS, Huobi Ventures and more.

We have held negotiations with major Big Pharma players as future data buyers. With one company, we have already moved to the stage of discussing the terms of a cooperation agreement.

My task as CEO is to bring major partnerships to the company, to find resources — people and money — and to reach agreements with stock exchanges for a successful listing.

Preparing for listing
Due to the downturn in the market, and at the request of some large VCs who are considering us for investment, we have moved the listing date to 8 September 2022.

In addition, by this date we will have already released our Web3 product, which will further increase the demand for our token. So, at the time of listing, DeHealth will have real assets backing the DHLT token — users’ medical data, which is in increasing demand for purchase by third parties — pharmaceutical and insurance companies, research institutes. Not every cryptocurrency, including stablecoins, can boast this.

As I mentioned above — the first listing partner is the BitMart exchange. In addition, we are in the final stages of negotiations with Huobi and Gate.io.

Our marketing team is actively building the community, holding AMA sessions, and communicating with KOLs and the press.

We are already receiving a number of requests to participate in a Private Round in which, at the moment, we are raising $2,000,000 at a valuation of $40,000,000.

Our Private Round is primarily focused on VCs, Family Offices and Smart Investors.

Working on the product
The global storm has not knocked DeHealth off the roadmap, and all product releases can be expected on time.

We have already tested the new website and the final stage of SEO optimisation is now in progress. The site will be ready for release soon.

The team has also completed development of the DeHealth web application. Metamask and economics are up and running. Cybersecurity experts are testing the architecture and the database. As you remember, data security is one of the top priorities and reasons why we started all this.

This month, we are releasing our dApp with “User Cabinet” functionality to the public for testing. The first users from the community will be able to create their own medical blockchain ID, upload their data and receive tokens for it.

By the way, you can join the ranks of the early-bird users right now by completing the registration form via the link — https://bit.ly/3cIENd4

Along with the development of User functionality, we have consulted with major Big Pharma corporations to identify their requirements for the structure and quality of medical data they need for their activities. We immediately started developing the architecture of the Data Buyer’s Cabinet, which will be released in September.

What lies ahead for DeHealth?
The first group of users will soon be testing the DeHealth App around the world. Major BIG PHARMA corporations and VCs have already signed the first partnership agreements with us. LeadingDEX & CEX exchanges are planning to sell the DHLT token, which will become a universal digital currency in the decentralised healthcare world. Meanwhile, smart investors are already entering the Private Round before the official DHLT listing day to get their ticket on the DeHealth spaceship to business class. 

All we need now, in terms of resources, are people: talented and creative developers, AI/ML specialists, managers, marketers and salespeople. The more the better. Everyone will find their place on our board.

Together we are going to discover MetaHealth spaces, to plant our flag and create a new digital healthcare world with people at its center. 

Blockchain is not the goal.

Decentralization is not the goal.

Web3 is not the goal.

The goal is to use technology to solve problems.

If blockchain is the best solution, use it.

If decentralization solves the problem, use it.

But if they are not the best solution.

Don’t use them.

Web3 and AI are needed for healthcare and medical data, so DeHealth uses these solutions 🔥

The captain of the DeHealth spaceship
Denys Tsvaig

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