The Public Private Partnership, “eZdorovya”, “DeHealth” and the transformation of the healthcare system in Ukraine.

26 Nov, 2021
01:02 min read

Today we discussed with Oleksandr Yemets, CEO of “EZdorovya”, about strategic cooperation with “DeHealth” 🇬🇧 (" rel="nofollow) to improve the quality of digital medicine services in Ukraine and the effective use of medical data!

Our NGO “DeHealth” team support a government initiative, which is aimed at the development of digital medicine and will gladly provide the use of our state-of-the-art technological tools to improve the quality of life and health of millions of Ukrainians.

“EZdorovya” is the principledeveloper of the eHealth technical center in Ukraine. eHealth is an online healthcare system that gives the exchange of medical information and the implementation of a program of medical ensures for the population.

More 30 million of people beings joined the eHealth in much less than four yers. It turned into advanced through the state-owned company “eZdorovya” in cooperation with the govt, IT, business, and civil society.

It permits to create a countrywide particularly stable eHealth system fast, efficiently and transparently.

“eZdorovya” is being financed through global corporations and govt donors to put in force the overall non-public collaboration model. The clinical centers are starting to get greater money from the National Health Service.

The eHealth in Ukraine is one most of the key anti-corruption initiatives.

Take care of yourself together with #DeHealth.

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