The metamorphosis of the healthcare industry is about to take its toll: DeHealth HLT Network announces an IDO on ACY Finance launchpad

31 Jan, 2022
01:51 min read

DeHealth HTL Network and ACY Finance are combining excellence in creating a metaverse with the most powerful artificial intelligence for the healthcare industry and outstanding expertise in DeFi and launching IDOs

26–01–2022 DeHealth HTL Network, a web 3.0 protocol architecture and ecosystem for medical big data interactions, enters into a strategic partnership with ACY Finance, an anti-robot decentralized exchange with its industry-leading launchpad.

For the first time in history, ACY Finance enables investors to outmaneuver arbitrage bots and reclaim value previously lost to MEV. ACY Finance creates a world where investors will have the upper hand, making them an ideal partner for DeHealth, considering their match in vision.

DeHealth gives people back the control of their data, whereas ACY gives people back the power of their crypto profits, taking them from arbitrage bots and giving people fair deals in crypto.

DeHealth has successfully launched a pilot project in Eastern Europe, a cloud-based medical web platform already trusted by 34,000+ doctors and 2,500,000+ users (patients). On this basis, the DeHealth team plans to launch the HLT Network blockchain protocol for storing, processing, checking, and transmitting medical data and the HLT (health) cryptocurrency.

Now DeHealth HTL Network will conduct a public sale on ACY Finance launchpad. The IDO is planned for Feb 2, 2022.

“ACY Finance’s team is highly impressed by the narrative-changing and ambitious project mission of Dehealth that is showcasing important values that are essential in the medical industry that everyone in the world should operate in. We’re glad to finally partner up and bring HTL a step closer to the investors,” — says the ACY Finance Official.

“We look forward to working with the ACY team and being supported for the launch of our native token on their platform. The disruptive potential of Metaverse is something we’re most excited about here at DeHealth. We’re happy to bring our token to a powerful community whose values match ours and allow them to participate in a project that is poised to do great things in the healthcare space.” — says Denys Tsvaig, the CEO and Co-Founder of Dehealth.

About DeHealth HLT Network

DeHealth HTL Network is healthcare-oriented multi-layer decentralized technology to support advanced scenarios of interactions between medical data market players, focusing on data provenance and privacy-preserving features.

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