The Main topics at Davos 2023

8 Feb, 2023
02:13 min read

After a week of inspiring panels, engaging meetings, and substantive dialogues, the message from the DeHealth team was clear: in this moment of uncertainty, leaders across sectors are ready to act. They see that those who move first and fast will shape the next era. And we absolutely agree with this. This year’s event was the largest in history, bringing together a record number of leaders from government, business, and civil society.

Unprecedented crises and shocks, including the intensifying climate risks that have undermined the resilience of the word over the past few years, and their complex impact on development, including deepening already serious global inequalities, dominated the discussions among world leaders at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. What topics dominated the conversations this year? We are ready to share with you 4 key takeaways at the World Economic Forum 2023:

- No region is isolated or self-sufficient. The future of globalization requires diversification, not disconnection.

- Global disruption is not slowing down. Companies must prioritize strengthening their resilience muscles today to prepare for tomorrow.

- Global companies are discovering that inclusion helps them reach underserved markets, giving them a competitive advantage.

- To achieve a zero-emissions future, leaders must balance energy transition and energy sustainability.

Representing the healthcare blockchain sector, the DeHealth team was pleased to discuss the future of Web3, potential business opportunities in this ecosystem, and highlighted the potential of big data and AI based on innovative solutions from DeHealth. Web3 and metaverse technologies are the great equalizer, virtual worlds have no borders, creating opportunities for wealth creation for people everywhere. The metaworld can become a unifying force for greater diversity, inclusion and connectivity, driven by collaboration and interaction.

During the 5-day conference, the team had an exclusive chance to take an active part in many important events, including:

📍 WSJ — discussion of the geopolitical situation and prospects for business, markets, and the global economy. 
📍 Bloomberg, The Year Ahead Davos — view of the most vital topics from world top executives. 
📍 UnDavos Venture Day — networking event for influential participants and thought leaders in communities and social enterprises. 
📍 Web3 Investor Gathering 2023 — exploring several sub-themes of Borderless Finance, Autonomous Governance, Sustainability, and Trustless Systems.
📍 Consumer Choice Center — discussions on coping with uncertainty in the post-pandemic world, as well as addressing the global crisis and mental health.
📍 Founders Games Finals and ESG cocktail — an event that reveals the world’s best startups to the world. Over 3000 companies from 140+ countries.

DeHealth is health data, health data is DeHealth!

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