The future of healthcare is here: DeHealth HLT Network announces an IDO on Scaleswap

DeHealth HTL Network and Scaleswap are combining excellence in ensuring universal aсcess to healthcare services and industry-leading expertise in launching IDOs

January 23, 2022

DeHealth HTL Network and Scaleswap are combining excellence in ensuring universal aсcess to healthcare services and industry-leading expertise in launching IDOs

DeHealth HTL Network, a web 3.0 protocol architecture for a big medical data-driven future standard ecosystems, is entering into a strategic partnership with Scaleswap, a decentralized multi-chain launchpad and accelerator that is dedicated to conducting fair, transparent, safe, and sustainable IDOs.

DeHealth has successfully launched a pilot project in Eastern Europe, a cloud-based medical web platform already trusted by 34,000+ doctors and 2,500,000+ users (patients). On this basis, the DeHealth team plans to launch the DeHealth HLT Network blockchain protocol for storing, processing, checking, and transmitting medical data and the HLT (health) cryptocurrency.

Now DeHealth HTL Network intends to launch on Scaleswap by entering into a technical partnership. The IDO is planned for Feb 2, 2022, with their launch partner Scaleswap, known for its community-focused approach, revolutionary ScaleSCORE rating system, and Polygon endorsement.

DeHealth HTL Network cares about their users, and therefore, Scaleswap was an obvious choice of a launchpad. In addition, DeHealth HTL Network highly values the transparent and fair ScaleSCORE system that is showcasing important values that are essential in the ecosystem.” — said the Co-Founder of DeHealth HTL Network, Denys Tsvaig.

“We’re happy to welcome DeHealth into the Scaleswap family as their healthcare-oriented multi-layer decentralized technology holds a lot of promise. We look forward to supporting their launch and important mission of ensuring universal healthcare access to everyone,” said Ralf P. Gerteis, Scaleswap CEO.

About DeHealth HLT Network

DeHealth HTL Network is healthcare-oriented multi-layer decentralized technology to support advanced scenarios of interactions between medical data market players, focusing on data provenance and privacy-preserving features.

About Scaleswap

Scaleswap is the first launchpad truly dedicated to fairness, transparency, and a long-term vision to transform the IDO sector into a more sustainable, market-independent, and community-driven launch strategy.

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Ralf is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Scaleswap, the next generation IDO launchpad on layer 2 scaling protocol, powered by Polygon. Apart from Scaleswap, Ralf is an Advisor & Angel Investor at Metis, building the next-generation DAO framework on layer 2. In addition, he is active in different blockchain organizations and currently focuses on areas like DeFi, DAO, multi-chain, and layer 2 scaling solutions. As a Blockchain Advisor, Ralf is dedicated to empowering DeHealth with deep knowledge of blockchain and navigating the project in the most disruptive technology.
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