Key growth drivers for DHLT

17 Aug, 2022
02:36 min read

The listing of the DeHealth DHLT native coin is coming soon, on September 08, 2022. And often we receive questions regarding what determines the demand for the token and what are the key drivers for its growth? Let's take a look.

As previously mentioned, DHLT is a utility token. With DHLT, anyone can upload and store their medical data, receive and host digital information, and sell their anonymized data within the DHLT Network. DHLT tokens are used to pay for services inside the DeHealth App, and as an economic incentive, to secure long-term storage of health data and its constant supply.

Basically, the DHLT token is secured by a real tangible asset - medical data uploaded to the ecosystem. Thus, the demand for the token is determined by 2 factors:
1) the quantity of users who will upload medical data to the DHLT Network
2) the demand for purchasing medical data by interested parties.

Users who upload their data to the DHLT Network

Over 34,000 doctors and 3,200,000+ patients worldwide are now connected to the DeHealth web2 pilot sub-brand project ASKEP.

These people will be the first users of the web3 DeHealth App after its public release as Data Suppliers & Data Owners. Their medical information will be uploaded to the DHLT Network.

Add to that another 50K+ members of our community who are eagerly awaiting the dApp's release and get a pretty solid data set which is the subject of interest of many entities - pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, insurance companies, etc.

Important to note that during the first year after the dApp launch there will be a special promo period, in which users are not charged for uploading data to their medical profile, but on the contrary will receive DHLT tokens for these actions. Thus the volumes of data in the DHLT Network will increase.

The demand for the purchase of medical data

According to Emergen Research's current analysis, the global market for big data in healthcare will be $78.03 billion by 2027.

Moreover, the digitalization of healthcare is proceeding at a rapid pace. Increasingly, more areas of healthcare depend on quality data and drug production, and trend toward the personalization of medicine, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve treatment quality, and preventive medicine to improve longevity of life.

DHLT as a native coin will be in turnover of the DeHealth ecosystem and tokenize patients' medical data for their further sale to interested organizations. We are successfully negotiating and the first Data Consumers represented by big pharma corps, research institutes and insurance companies are already joining DeHealth as they are interested in medical data.

After authorizing the app, Data Consumers will be able to connect via API to the DHLT Network to buy the encrypted medical data placed there by users. Customer makes a request for the data they need, pays for it in DHLT tokens and part of this payment goes to the user’s DeHealth Wallet as a royalty.

Thus, DeHealth has all the necessary growth drivers for the DHLT token, as well as for the project in general.

We're building the first healthy crypto community where you can mine a token while taking care of your health.

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