Interview with DeHealth’s Advisor: Ralf P.Gerteis, Scaleswap

20 May, 2022
04:55 min read

Ralf is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Scaleswap, the next generation IDO launchpad on layer 2 scaling protocol, powered by Polygon. Apart from Scaleswap, Ralf is an Advisor & Angel Investor at Metis, building the next-generation DAO framework on layer 2. In addition, he is active in different blockchain organizations and currently focuses on areas like DeFi, DAO, multi-chain, and layer 2 scaling solutions.

As a Blockchain Advisor, Ralf is dedicated to empowering DeHealth with deep knowledge of blockchain and navigating the project in the most disruptive technology.

Why is the world moving to Web 3.0? Where will DeHealth fit in?

Web 3.0 is the natural evolution of Web 2.0, the so-called “Social Web” was only the beginning and it also resulted in several major players like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. playing a dominant role. Web 3.0 stands in its core principles for a decentralized network and a user-controlled and -owned shared economy.

DeHealth is a role model for living these values. For the vision of “better healthcare for all”, DeHealth is looking to eliminate inequality in healthcare and to help people to gain better control over their privacy, health, and medical data based on a secure and decentralized platform.

Are health projects in demand with the audience?

According to Grand View Research Inc., the digital health market size will continuously increase to over 295 billion USD by 2028. It’s an area that is necessary to develop from a human, ethical, economic as well as a financial perspective. There are always over-hyped trend topics that get more attention compared with health / digital health but these areas disappear often at the same pace as they occurred. In my perspective, health/ digital health is a topic that is always in demand from the audience as everyone is also affected.

In the future, DeHealth will create its own metaverse. Would you, as an investor, support the project?

Yes. I think it’s important to mention that DeHealth already has real traction and develops digital and decentralized health solutions that are really needed in the world. The metaverse is to be seen as the perfect and future-proof user interface that makes all services of DeHealth virtually accessible, enables reality-near communication and that increases the comfort and virtual interaction significantly.

How did you find DeHealth? What or who inspired you to come closer to the project? Why did you decide to become DeHealth’s advisor? 

I was working in the healthcare environment for around 14 years and I’ve been involved in/ advising digital health startups for 7 years. Therefore, I have a special interest in this sector. And I saw during these 7 years also a number of projects that failed. When I came across DeHealth, I was instantly impressed by the team, product vision, backers, and necessary institutional connections that play an important part in this highly regulated environment. These were the main points that convinced me to join the mission as an advisor.

What makes the project interesting to the crypto community? Have you noticed an increase in investments in such projects?

For the crypto community and investors, DeHealth is interesting because of several factors. One element is the substance of the organization and the maturity of the product development. In addition, there is an experienced team that can really execute and the thought-through product is a great fit for sophisticated token utility and building an appropriate ecosystem. A lot of blockchain-based projects have a nice vision but they lack a lot of the necessary prerequisites compared with DeHealth.

Why do investors and ordinary people believe in DeHealth?

As mentioned before, I believe that the experienced team and board plays a central role to believe in the success of DeHealth. It’s a big differentiator from other projects in this area.

Why do conservative companies need to think about tokenization?

In my point of view, not all conservative or traditional companies should think about tokenization. I’m convinced that in the future, all larger companies will have blockchain technology in place in some form but tokenizing a business makes sense only if several prerequisites are met. The main point is - does the business model work without tokenization the same way or does tokenization enhance/ enrich the business model, efficiency, and expected success? Does tokenization transform a business in a positive way, does the token itself has a meaningful utility, and does the token play a key role in the ecosystem of the business? Only if these prerequisites are met, tokenization with a utility/ payment token or also a security token can make sense. Apart from this, DAOs will also play a future role for traditional businesses, as well as governments and organizations (in conjunction with tokenization or as an enrichment of the current organizational structures and decision-making but without a whole token-based ecosystem).

Why is data protection so important now? 

Data protection is important from security aspects but also as a value. This value belongs to the person the data relates to / the person who created the data. In Web 2.0 data protection was not really given (despite noble statements). In the end, a few giant tech companies marketed the personal data to the max and made their profits. Now is the time to change this, so that the users get again back into control of their data by having them stored in an immutable way.

What is important for community in terms of an IDO project?

For our community, a number of factors are important with regard to an IDO project and this is only an extract:

  • Team (doxxed, experience, able to execute, track record, trust-building board).
  • Level of product development.
  • Innovative product that has the potential for a broader adoption.
  • Token has real utility.
  • Token metrics are thought-through and reasonable.
  • Valuation is reasonable (for all investment rounds incl. the final public sale price).
  • Project is able to generate interest and interaction in social media.
  • Project is backed by good partners and backers.

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