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19 Nov, 2022
06:57 min read

The revolution in healthcare is here! DeHealth team is very proud and thrilled to present the newest and most innovative development that radically changes the usual idea of healthcare. Each of you is witnessing vast changes in the industry and without exaggeration we can say that DeHealth is the driver. We are not afraid to challenge and do the impossible, because this is the only way we can change the world.

DeHealth — AI & Medical Data-Based decentralised App for secure and anonymous storage, management and monetization of depersonalised healthcare data. Our goal is to empower people to control their medical data with privacy and remuneration in the DeHealth. We believe that Web 3.0 and blockchain can create a privacy-driven future while ensuring compliance with legal frameworks and robust security standards.

Medical data market

Healthcare is a massive $8.6 trillion industry that includes everything from pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to mental health applications. Medical data is one of the key elements of healthcare and its impact and importance cannot be overestimated. The medical data market was estimated at $32.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $105.73 billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 13.85% due to growth in AI applications, data-driven preventive medicine applications, and drug development.

At the same time, 45 million people have become victims of medical data attacks, and one medical card can cost up to USD 1000 on the black market. By keeping their medical data secure and stored in one place, users can personally manage it and evaluate the economic benefits. DeHealth collects data, structures it and as a result it gives maximum value to users, which means its price will only increase over time.

Acute problem of the industry

Medical data is very sensitive, especially in regard to personal records, and accordingly their leakage, improper storage together with the inability of the patient to accurately and effectively dispose of them remain a global problem throughout time. Any integration is a long and expensive process: medical data and patient history are scattered across multiple platforms, and therefore, can’t be reproduced cohesively. Under such conditions, doctors are forced to work at the same time in 3, or even 5, different systems, filling out the same information.

This poses challenges for both patients and doctors, additional administrative costs arise when data is transferred between systems, or in most cases, patients and doctors are forced to re-run medical tests due to a lack of data compatibility within the medical information system (MIS).

Innovative solution offered by DeHealth

DeHealth is ready to present its latest development that revolutionises the above mentioned problem. This new implementation fundamentally solves the problem of lack of quick access to medical data, efficient and convenient copying, sharing and disposal of information with doctors, clinics and medical institutions. DeHealth offers a completely new approach in which the central link is a person who makes decisions about the use of their data and has the ability to access them wherever they are. DeHealth centralises medical data into one system by utilising a uniform cross-platform information system. This system records the data from different sources into one platform, which may be simply and seamlessly shared by the User with verified medical professionals.

Furthermore, by leveraging our relationships in the healthcare industry we integrated MIS into the DHLT network which synchronises patient data in real-time. The blockchain infrastructure provides traceability that is necessary for use in electronic medical records, remote patient monitoring, medical EHR systems, and so on. The data architecture is designed so that DeHealth can communicate, gather, and share verified medical data with any MIS in the world, creating a patient driven electronic data sharing information system.

As a result of working on API integration between DeHealth and clinics, we got an insight and came up with a technology thanks to which users can “vacuum up” validated medical data directly from medical labs and clinics. As well as users can share that data as a digital asset or regular email. All user data is in one protected and secure place and only the user decides from whom to take it and to whom to transfer it. This brings us one step closer to our goal — to become leaders in the medical data market and a single metaverse for healthcare.

At the same time, our DHLT token serves as an economic incentive to download the maximum amount of data and sell it to interested parties — pharma companies, researchers, innovators, health brands, consumer goods manufacturers, etc. This technology is comparable to the simplicity and convenience of QR technology. The process of data exchange has quite simple functionality, so every user/doctor can do it quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes.

In healthcare, time is of the essence and we believe it is our duty to minimise the time lag between the receipt and transmission of medical information. By detecting the problem in time, getting the necessary information as soon as possible, analysing it and starting treatment, the lives of many people can be saved.

How to use it

We would like to present you a step by step guide with screenshots to show the USER the steps to be taken in order to share data:

After logging into your personal account (DeHealth ID), on the left side of the interface you will see a panel, you need to click on ‘DeHealth card’ and select ‘Sharing’ which will appear in the list. After that, the necessary interface will appear. You will see all your personal information that you have previously filled in. On the right side of the interface you will see the ‘Sharing details’ panel, which performs the main function.

The next step is the data sharing itself, and in order to do this you just need to enter the email address of the contact with whom you want to share the information. Also, if you wish, you can add a comment and describe the important points for you under the email line. From now on, thanks to this revolutionary implementation, every user can easily share their data with doctors and collect their medical data from clinics without the need to do API integration with a medical institution.

Click on ‘Update permissions’ and you’re done!

After you have shared your data with the recipient, he/she will receive an email with an invitation to go and view your profile, which can be accessed by clicking on the link provided in the email.

In addition, we would like to present a step-by-step guide with screenshots to show the DOCTOR / CLINIC the steps to be taken to share the data:

1.First, in order for a doctor/clinic to have access to filling out medical records, user have to send an invitation. After entering the personal account, the user must select the ‘Health Card’ item on the left side of the interface. Then the user will see the necessary block ‘Let the doctor enter the medical data’. Below there will be a link that user can copy and send to the doctor by a convenient messenger or sent by e-mail.

After receiving an invitation letter from the user, the doctor/clinic has access to upload medical data along with the medical record of the user.

By clicking on the link, a form opens where the doctor or the administrator of the clinic/medical laboratory fills in the relevant information about the patient. For example, the name of the medical institution, doctor, direction and type of treatment, date, document, etc. The document must contain a stamp, signature of the medical institution, clinic name and date, if this information is not available, the data cannot be validated. Once you have filled in the relevant information and clicked ‘Save’, the data will be securely stored (find out more.)

After that, the patient/user will be able to immediately see the updated medical data on their ‘Health card’ filled in by their doctor/clinic and check all the details.

Our commitment to the highest standards made it possible for us to gain partnerships with the leading governmental and public organisations, such as Cyber Police and the Ministry of Health, as part of the eHealth Ukraine program, together with the leading blockchain industry players such as Chainlink, Polygon and Bitmart.

Ultimately, DeHealth is paving the way for the development of the radically new Web 3.0 Medical Data Economy.

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