Denys Tsvaig's interview for Block Beats

28 May, 2022
10:27 min read

Could you please start by introducing yourself to our audience? 

Hi, My name is Denys Tsvaig. I am the co-owner of DeHealth — Web 3.0 world's healthcare organization — a technology entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. 

Please talk briefly about this DeHealth project. How did the idea come about and how will it help society? 

According to a UN report, over 3 billion people lack access to quality and affordable health care. Together with my partner, Anna Bondarenko, we decided to build the digital infrastructure for healthcare and a transparent healthcare data market. 

As the first step, we have taken over the Ukrainian medical information system At the time of this merger, the system covered the data of 1+ million patients. However, the number increased three times in 2021, no thanks to the novel Covid-19 pandemic. 

In 2022, together with Anna and the team, we introduced the cryptocurrency DHLT (Decentralized Health Token) for the global healthcare sector. We started working on AI, which could predict diseases and help to stay healthy. 

DeHealth is a digital healthcare hub that gives users access to telemedicine and medical data banks. It is a versatile platform that enables users to efficiently maintain their health, securely store up-to-date medical data, and monetize a patient's medical assets. With AI, AR, and blockchain technologies, DeHealth washes the borders and makes healthcare accessible and secure for the entire world. 

Today, DeHealth is building its MetaHealth meta-universe, which will provide all users with access to telemedicine services and other medical services, possibly earning additional income. It will change medicine as we know it. 

People from early childhood collect personal medical history on the electronic health card of DeHealth with the help of artificial intelligence. This structured data, in turn, enables the doctors to reduce the time for collecting information on the patients’ health, assessing risks, making more specific diagnoses, or adjusting the treatment. People will live longer and better lives.

Besides, for a prominent pharma manufacturer, DeHealth brings value as a high-quality and relevant medical data provider with an exceptional product—a patient's medical card with structured and secured depersonalized patient data with a native coin DHLT Token. 

DHLT motivates patients to live a healthy lifestyle and share their data with the global healthcare industry. Thus, we believe that deals for the medical data sale between patients and pharmaceuticals can be a win-win story for all parties: the buyer (pharma) receives quality and structured medical data for research and further production of medicines, and the holders (patients) of medical data take a financial reward for sharing.

DeHealth acts as a reliable platform for data verification, digitalization, transfer, and sale on the marketplace between holders and buyers. 

Data equals long life. Knowing personal medical data makes the technology and healthcare systems work better to prolong life. If you research, you might discover that we could extend a person’s life for 20-30 years and increase the chances of not dying early.

Why is the World moving to Web 3.0?  Where will DeHealth fit in?

Web 3.0 represents the next iteration or phase of the evolution of the web/internet and potentially could be as disruptive and represent as significant a paradigm shift as Web 2.0 did. Web 3.0 rides upon the core concepts of decentralization, openness, and sizable user utility. 

Web 3.0’s key feature will be personalized digital identity ownership. DeHealth, in turn, provides a revolutionary opportunity for people to monetize their depersonalized data.


We create a meta-universe where people can undergo medical examinations and monitor their health as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will not only secure user data but will also make healthcare accessible to all.

DeHealth will take a key position in Web 3.0, changing how doctor visits happen. Everything will be on your phone. You can show the doctor all the necessary medical records and data in a few minutes. 

I would like to know why you want to integrate blockchain technology with healthcare and what problems can this combination solve?

Anna and I have added the company DeHealth HLT Network to the DeHealth group of companies. We are now developing a Web 3.0 protocol to operate with medical data and metaverse, transforming the healthcare system. We are building it as a blockchain ecosystem, which equips users with a reliable tool for secure work with medical data, monetization, and transparent sales deals. Our native crypto, DHLT, will enable users to monetize their medical assets (from data to activities), motivating them to take care of their health as a new and quality lifestyle. 

So, promoting the principles of web 3.0, DHLT Network provides the opportunity to control better users’ medical data, its confidentiality, and flexibility of payment arrangements.

Blockchain provides a marketplace for medical data. The funds from the sale of medical assets can go to medical services and drugs. Everyone can invest in their depersonalized medical data in the global healthcare industry. Also, the funds can be sent to individual bank accounts.  

Healthcare is a massive industry that includes everything from pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to mental health apps. Experts predict that the market will grow by ± 12% annually through the 2020s. The cost of a mistake in this industry is very high. Companies operating in the healthcare segment face challenges such as:

  • The complexity of secure data transfer and the lack of a unified standard and infrastructure for data storage. 
  • Long data verification process, high entry threshold. 
  • Disease Prediction, Prevention & Disease Treatment. 
  • The cybersecurity of the industry, its vulnerability. Poor health data security. 
  • Poor quality of medical data. 
  • Lack of healthcare culture due to patients' limited access to healthcare (geographical, financial, and technological factors, including low awareness of cryptocurrencies).

The following list of challenges arises from the defined problem set:

  1. regulatory requirements for healthcare data storage and transfer;
  2. complex multidimensional privacy-preserving tools to serve data mining/machine learning requirements and provide patients with flexible control over their data; 
  3. provenance control for healthcare data sets and derivative trained machine learning models through the whole life cycle stages;
  4. cyber-resilience;
  5. scaling.
  6. trust minimization to infrastructure providers;
  7. trust minimization to data suppliers;
  8. rust minimization to data validators;
  9. trust minimization to protocol founding team and organization;
  10. crypto-economic incentivization tools for all key ecosystem roles: data suppliers, data validators, scientists, patients, and third-party business customers;
  11. development of an inter-compatible standard for Electronic Health Record to source patients’ data, optimize data sets reusability for data validators, and drive patient adoption;

DeHealth product solves all these problems. We ensure the transparent operation of data within the ecosystem, and each user can track and protect this data. 

This small set of tools will allow users to access their medical data.

How does DeHealth plan to protect the privacy of its patients? 

According to @NCBI, from 2005 to 2019, almost 300 million people suffered from healthcare data breaches. The number of such violations in healthcare is more significant than in any other industry. Are you sure that your medical data is safe? It could happen that a cyber thief is selling it just right now on the black market. Based on a report by @trustwave, the healthcare data record may cost up to $250. Thus, people lose not only their private information but money as well. DeHealth wants to resolve this issue. DeHealth works with data per the rules of HIPPA & GDPR. We are developing our healthcare products based on the blockchain/Web 3.0 protocol architecture, which is more secure than possible previous ones. 

How does it work? 

The data in the chain is split into blocks, and each block contains a transaction or batch of transactions. Each new block is connected to all previous blocks in a cryptographic chain so that it is virtually impossible to tamper with or remove. We genuinely believe that medical data is a treasure. 

DeHealth’s platform meets the highest certification standards for data security, privacy, and integrity, keeping your data safe. Blockchain technology ensures the integrity and immutability of data.

We have a security audit from Haken, and we’re a trusted partner to most major EMRs and government medical organizations. We’ve gone through rigorous security certifications from government agencies, and our partners are the Cyber ​​Police, and the National Cyber ​​Security Association of Ukraine.

Could you please describe DHLT tokenomics?

The DHLT (Decentralized Health Token) native coin allows users to monetize their medical assets (from data and activities), motivating them to engage in health as a new and quality lifestyle. As part of the IDO, the first health tokens released by the DeHealth HLT Network were completely sold out in 2 hours. 

DeHealth does not hope to fit in the norms but rather to cater to health care lapses and advance healthcare systems. If DeHealth is juxtaposed to a house, then it's safe to say DHLT tokens are the keys to unlocking the unlimited benefits that DeHealth is offering. DHLT tokens are health and investment-related. You would be assessing advanced health care systems and still be earning simultaneously; who says you can’t eat your cake and have it? 

With the DHLT tokens, you'll get both through its numerous benefits, which include:

  • Fast Access to world-class health technologies; 
  • Earn on the go with your medical history: DeHealth uses a transparent system to amass citizens’ medical records without taking away the right to earn from it away from them. 
  • A safe place for your medical history: your medical history is an invaluable asset and, as such, should be kept in an easily accessible database.
  • Access to the medical records for health personnel: the benefit of DHLT tokens for medical records assessment is not limited to ordinary people; ‍

The motivational system is divided into four levels and will include:

1st level:

  • Getting coins for targeted actions.
  • Filling out personal information.
  • Filling out medical information.
  • Verification of data from a valid supplier.
  • Permission to sell data.
  • Subscribe to receive marketing emails.
  • Application download.

2nd level, after following all the steps above, suppose the user to be able to earn tokens by:

  • Inviting friends and earning points.
  • Selling information and making money from it.

3rd level is about the opportunity to become a member of the affiliate program and:

  • Doubling the number of points for targeted actions.
  • Getting the opportunity to convert points into tokens.

4th level allows:

  • The user gets the opportunity to become a brand ambassador.
  • The user gets the chance to buy tokens with a discount.

Medical institutions also receive N coins for their patients’ data only after patients’ approval.

Data purchase from the user within the system is carried out exclusively for the DHLT token.

What are DeHealth's immediate plans? 

The company completed IDO and is preparing to list DEX and CEX exchanges. This will help attract an audience and make us more ambitious. We plan to re-list the DHLT token. This is a crucial milestone that affects the company's development.

Bug Bounty and DeHealth hackathon will launch soon— we will certainly announce that opportunity to the community to give you a chance to monetize your knowledge! Our resources will be critical channels for informing the community. Via the website, you will get news about DeHealth’s upcoming projects and goals, buy coins, and participate in charity activities. 

We will also launch the application and update the website.

A unique referral program will follow soon, and an NFT pool for the most active investors. This project will help us to increase our significance and bring us one step closer to our MetaHealth meta-universe. This is one of our main goals - metaverse to provide users with medical services. After all, our primary goal is affordable medicine for everyone.

That’s how we see the detailed roadmap of DeHealth development at an early date:

May-August 2022:

  • A restart of the team and update the communication and marketing strategy.
  • Token restart.
  • Conducting an audit of the token smart contract.
  • Staking contracts (live).
  • Development and launch of a single site DeHealth.
  • Development and launch of DHLT Network ver. 1.0.
  • DeHealth ID (example).
  • Listing on DEX.
  • Listing on CEXs.
  • Partnerships - attracting crypto partners, MedTech, etc.
  • Cross-chain solutions - Solana, Polygon, etc.
  • Holding a public Bug Bounty.
  • We are conducting a DeHealth hackathon.

August - December 2022:

  1. Connect hospitals running DeHealth DHLT Network to provide data streams into a unified database of DHLT Network for further data mining.
  2. Develop the prototype of a unified API for medical data provision and consumption.  
  3. Connect DeHealth AI ( Dr.Umka) to third-party hospitals running third-party EHR software.

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