DeHealth App Test Net succeeded

8 Sep, 2022
02:10 min read

The DeHealth AI & Medical Data Based App to securely and anonymously store, manage and monetize depersonalized medical data launched on August 31, 2022!

We invited the community to celebrate this milestone together — become among the first users of the dApp and do not miss an opportunity to get big rewards!

What were the conditions?

In order to take part in the DeHealth Test Net AirDrop quest from August 31 to September 7,  users needed to subscribe to the bot and follow the prescribed steps, specifically:

  • Subscription to DeHealth Telegram Сhannel & DeHealth Telegram Сhat.
  • Completion of product training quiz that helps everyone to understand how DeHealth App works and what the benefits are of using the dApp.
  • Creation of the electronic medical card (DeHealth ID) in the DeHealth App, and filling it in with at least 75% of the data.

What are the rewards?

Those who completed all 3 stages were rewarded the equivalent of up to $25 in DHLT. The total amount of reward depended on the success of each stage.

Referral program participants got $5 in DHLT equivalent for each invited ‘friend’ who passed all the stages of the contest.

Tokens are credited to contest participants at $0.04 listing price and are subject to: TGE — 5%, Cliff — 1 month, and Vesting period — 12 months.

What are the results?

Reward pool of $300,000 or 7,500,000 DHLT has been drawn!

10,000 users passed all the conditions and connected their MetaMask in our DeHealth App. DeHealth already has 162,000+ active community members across our social media platforms and 35,000+ DeHealth dApp users! And this is just the beginning — worldwide influencers and KOLs support DeHealth Test Net AirDrop and following activities with total coverage of 8,000,000+ followers.

What’s next?

For those who successfully passed an AirDrop and want to purchase DHT tokens prior to the listing a special pre-sale offer is submitted. The DHLT price will be lower by 25% than it will be at the listing on September 08, 2022. The pre-sale opportunity will continue till September 8, 12:00 UTC.

If you are among those who passed the Airdrop successfully with 530+ DHLT, don’t want to miss the opportunity to enter the pre-sale for a profit, but have some issues with purchasing the tokens, we launched a closed 24/7 Telegram group, where you can ask all your questions about:

  • how to purchase DHLT
  • how to connect MetaMask Wallet
  • how to claim DHLT etc.

If you are a participant of the DHLT pre-sale, you can follow the link mentioned in our Telegram post. The group will be temporary and will be closed after the listing, so go ahead and ask your questions.

The digital transformation of healthcare has already begun! Welcome to DeHealth!

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