DeHealth announces cooperation with Hacken to secure the healthcare in Web 3.0

26 May, 2022
02:26 min read

DeHealth is setting up a long-term partnership with Hacken — a leading security consulting company focusing on blockchain security. Amongst whose clients are Solana, the first web-scale blockchain for decentralized apps, exchanges, and platforms; VeChain, a leading global enterprise-level public blockchain platform; NFT-game Kitsumon, etc. 

Hacken performs smart contract audits, security assessments, penetration testing, etc. This allows companies to identify project weaknesses and strengths, get security assessments, and seek ways to improve them.

To demonstrate that DeHealth is secure and increase user confidence, Hacken, our cybersecurity partner — as a first step of the cooperation — conducted a smart contract code review and security analysis report for DeHealth HLT Network on April 29, 2022. Specifically, a documentation review and automatic and manual analysis.

In DeHealth we are working with the medical data that is the most sensitive, important, and valuable asset in the healthcare industry. Managing a huge array of medical and digital assets, we understand that the secure storage of the data is our priority. Smart contract audit from Hacken is a great proof and expert conclusion about the operation of the DHLT Network, which is digitizing the global health data for everyone. So we do our best,” — Denys Tsvaig, DeHealth’s co-founder & CEO states.

The Hacken report pointed out minor deficiencies, which our experts fixed. Pausing the contract’s functionality, which our team suggests, aids in minimizing the damage of token attacks and detecting vulnerabilities. The built-in protection mechanism against sandwich trading bots is essential.

Our R&D team is constantly working to improve and optimize smart contracts for convenience and safety. The conducted audit is one of many steps towards that target. We’ll continue to cooperate with industry-leading providers to ensure the sustainable development of DeHealth in terms of functionality and security. 

About smart contract audit

A smart contract audit is a comprehensive examination and analysis of a smart contract’s code to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. Because of the irreversibility of blockchain transactions, it’s essential to ensure a project's code is secure. It would be difficult to retrieve funds and resolve issues after a hack; hence the cost-effective and more innovative option is to prevent potential vulnerabilities from the get-go. 

About Hacken 

Hacken has been delivering cybersecurity services for businesses of any scale and end customers worldwide since 2017. Hacken Cybersecurity Services is a part of Hacken Group, including, HackenAI, and HackenProof. From June 2020, will be the unique cybersecurity data provider for CoinGecko Trust Score.

About DeHealth

DeHealth is an international group of companies with HQ in the UK and research centers globally, from the US to New Zealand. With the help of technologies and web 3.0 protocol, the DHLT Network, DeHealth believes that medical data must be safe, transparent, and monetized in a unique marketplace that brings together patients, clinics, large pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare stakeholders. Today, DeHealth is trusted by over 35,000 doctors, 650 hospitals, and 3,200,000+ patients.

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