DeHealth and Allm Join Forces to Revolutionize Healthcare!

30 May, 2023
01:37 min read

🇯🇵 We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between DeHealth and Allm, a leading company at the forefront of digital health and information and communication technologies (ICT). This collaboration is set to reshape the healthcare landscape, bringing reliable information, enhanced access, and efficient resource allocation to the forefront of patient care.

DeHealth, a pioneer in revolutionizing healthcare through big data and AI, joins forces with Allm, known for their expertise in digital health solutions. With a global workforce of over 230 employees and a strong presence in multiple countries, Allm is a renowned company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Their steadfast dedication to Japanese values resonates harmoniously with DeHealth's mission and vision.

Together, we will drive innovation and improve patient outcomes through various joint activities, including:

  • Research in Digital Health and AI/ML: Exploring the limitless possibilities of digital health and leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment plans, and preventive care.
  • Secure Health Information and Data Storage: Developing robust systems to securely store and manage health information, ensuring seamless flow, informed decision-making, and enhanced patient care.
  • International Healthcare Standards and Quality Systems: Championing the adoption of international healthcare standards and quality systems to enhance interoperability and streamline care delivery.
  • Scientific Research, Webinars, and Software Development in eHealth: Advancing scientific research in eHealth through webinars, research and development initiatives, and software development to push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.
  • Training and Education at Various Levels: Developing and implementing a comprehensive training and education system to empower healthcare professionals and individuals in navigating the evolving healthcare landscape.
  • Grant and Investment Attraction for HealthTech and Web3 Projects: Coordinating actions to attract grants, investments, and funding sources to support innovators in transforming healthcare through groundbreaking solutions.

This partnership between DeHealth and Allm represents a landmark collaboration in the healthcare industry, bringing together the strengths of both organizations to drive meaningful change.

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