Anna Bondarenko: Innovative Solutions for Personal Data Protection

25 May, 2023
01:46 min read

👩‍💼 We are thrilled to announce that Anna Bondarenko, our esteemed Co-Founder & Managing Partner, delivered a captivating presentation at the XIX National Cybersecurity Cluster. This prestigious event, organized by the National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity in collaboration with the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation and supported by the US Department of State, gathered prominent industry leaders, including the Ministry of Health, NHSU, eHealth, and CISA.

Anna's presentation focused on "Innovative Solutions for Personal Data Protection: Unleashing the Value of Data as a Crucial Human Asset and Economic Tool for Our Nation."

To fortify nation's healthcare system, Anna proposed compelling solutions:

🔐 Blockchain-Powered Medical ID: Anna emphasized the implementation of functional encrypted keys on the blockchain, establishing a secure medical identification system.

🔐 Stringent Compliance: Regular risk assessments and adherence to regulatory standards such as HIPAA and GDPR were highlighted as vital safeguards for sensitive medical information.

🔐 Decentralized Encryption: Anna advocated for decentralized encryption of protected medical information to make it unusable by criminals.

🔐 Employee Training and Awareness: Comprehensive training programs on cybersecurity techniques, phishing prevention, and the importance of strong passwords were recommended to empower healthcare professionals against unintentional data breaches.

🔐 Rapid Incident Response: Anna stressed the need for robust incident response standards, including rapid detection, response, and recovery plans, along with continuous threat detection through initiatives like Pentest and Bug Bounty.

This outstanding achievement confirms Anna's high level of expertise and DeHealth's leadership in cybersecurity. As a trailblazing organization committed to data protection and healthcare innovation, we continue our mission to build a secure and resilient healthcare ecosystem.

To fully understand the problem, it is worth knowing that the average cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry was $10.10 million, which is higher than the overall average of $9.23 million per incident in 2021. Healthcare data breaches cost an average of $408 per record, which is three times higher than the cross-industry average of $148 per record. The year 2019 was estimated to have cost $ 25 billion for the healthcare industry due to ransomware attacks.

🙌 Together, let us embrace a future where data integrity and privacy thrive, ensuring the well-being of individuals and driving the prosperity of each nation.

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